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January 2013

United Arab Emirates

Stop Over

27 °C

Ok, So I know it's Rein and Leah's EUROPEAN Adventure but, We did factor in a 3 day stop over to check out the Middle East.

Day 1 - Rest

Landed at 6.30AM after a smooth 14 hour flight. Got to the Hotel and they let us check in early. (Insert sleep here). Room service. Then more sleep. Hopefully we can entertain you more tomorrow or this is going to be a boring blog.

Day 2 - City Tour
Ok, Well rested and hanging to get out of the hotel and pre-Europe Adventure. We met our driver in the lobby and started on our drive to Abu Dhabi City. That was until he turned off to Dubai. Trying to understand his English (Which was good, he just spoke too fast. Now I know how Grandpa feels) turned out that we were doing the Dubai tour. So here are some things I found interesting about Dubai (Don't take it for Gospel, I may have embellished somethings); it spent most of its early centuries as a fishing town and then a pearling town, it was controlled by the British until 1963. They left, finding the place unresourceful, and probably boring. Later that decade they discover a little known mineral called oil. Today petrol cost 1.73 AED a liter (43 cents AUD) which is cheaper than fresh water which, according to our guide, is the most important resource in the world. We went to the Museum which was packed and had few photo stops around the city (not to mention the people taking photos of Leah; tall blonde in an Arab counrty!!). Lunch was at the Gold Souks (Gold Market) where we were often hassled to buy a watch our handbag. Some more photo stops, then back in the car to Abu Dhabi.

Day 3 - Desert Safari
After spending the early afternoon by the pool, our afternoon was spent dune bashing in a 4WD. It was hairy, the A/C wasn't on and our driver only had one hand on the steering wheel at all times. So Leah and I lost our stomachs and sweltered in the back seat, but it was fun. That evening we had a Desert BBQ filled with traditional dress, Belly dancing and Shisha. Small group but loads of fun.

Its now 1.45AM and we are nearing our boarding time for London, Leah is about to proof read so I will leave it here (Leah: i should get a job in proof reading!!).

Until next time.
I traded my wife for a Camel

I traded my wife for a Camel

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Day 0

sunny 35 °C

So the day has come for us to depart all our wonderful family and friends in Australia for our long awaited adventure in the UK and Europe. Over the next few months we'll update the blog with stories, photos, and sometimes videos (care of Rein) of our adventures. We hope you enjoy checking in every now and then with where we're up to and we'd also love to hear from you and what you're doing back in Aus!

All our love
Rein & Leah

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Rein & Leah's Adventure!

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