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Episode 7

Turkey Sailing

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Nothing much to say in this one. A few brief descriptions, but I'll let the sight and sound lead the way

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Episode 6

Istanbul & Gallipoli, Turkey

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Another packed episode, was a tough one to edit. Some good scenes left on the cutting room floor. Istanbul's Ottoman architecture was beautiful and the ANZAC service at Gallipoli was truly moving. I hope the episode can portray this.

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Turkey - Istanbul & Gallipoli

Day 93 to 98

sunny 20 °C


We are having a great time in Turkey, currently sitting in a café in the seaside town of Kas (pronounced ‘cash’). Although getting off to a bumpy start (our taxi driver pulled a 50tl note switcharoo), we have had an adventurous time. We’ve tried new things and have been eating Kebaps regularly. During our time here we have visited the Topkapi palace, the Citadine, and the Hagia Sophia (a former Mosque, now museum); however the place we were blown away with was the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the Blue Mosque as it is known to westerners. It is the biggest Mosque outside of Mecca and took 7 years to complete. Leah and I shared a mutual feeling of its warm homely feeling when entering.

Rein @Blue Mosque

Rein @Blue Mosque

Leah @Blue Mosque

Leah @Blue Mosque

After four days in Istanbul we joined our 3 day ANZAC tour and headed down to Gallipoli. We spent the night at the ceremony site, joining many others attempting to sleep in the stands. Apparently it was one of the warmer nights as it didn’t rain. However it was still cold and we were both glad we packed our sleeping bags.

Rein & Leah @Gallipoli

Rein & Leah @Gallipoli

The ceremony was very moving, most people confessing to having tears. This was especially at the Lone Pine service for the Australian contingent. It was hard to believe that the number of people in the crowd was the same as the number of men that died in such a small place, around 7,000 soldiers died at Lone Pine. The Gallipoli peninsula is such a beautiful place and we had a day of perfect weather. It was sad to think that so much fighting took place in a peaceful setting.

We are now spending the next week sailing the southern coast of Turkey. So far the weather has been perfect and we have visited untouched wonders.

I’m now going back to my melting ice cream sunday.
Rein, Leah & Henry

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